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Top Items on the RPBA Store

Welcome to your new go-to online store for pet toys, apparel, and more! We at RPBA are thrilled to introduce our new online store. RPBA’s mission is to support you on your journey as a pet owner or breeder. Whether you're a seasoned breeder or a new pet parent, you can find products on the RPBA Store that enrich the lives of pets and their owners alike.

The needs of pet owners and breeders have changed. We’ve found that our members and their buyers have become more discerning – and we completely understand, because we want nothing but the best for our own furry friends. As an organisation, we've always been at the forefront of advocating for responsible pet ownership, and the new RPBA Store is another aspect of our commitment to this cause.

We understand that the foundation of responsible pet care lies in education and access to the right resources. The RPBA Store is designed to be a tool that empowers pet owners with the best products to take care of their pets, in a way that enhances each pet’s quality of life.

Top Items on the RPBA Store

Let’s take a look at some of the top selling products on the RPBA Store: 

"Dog Mum" Animal Print T-Shirt

Fashion meets function with this chic t-shirt, perfect for the stylish pet enthusiast. The "Dog Mum" Animal Print T-Shirt shows the world that yes, you love your pet so much they’re like one of your kids! And there’s nothing wrong with that, because pets are, for many Australians, part of the family. This t-shirt makes a great gift for mum on her birthday, Mother's Day, or simply as a show of appreciation for everything she does. 

"Dog Mum" Animal Print T-Shirt showcase

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DoGoodDoggy Treat Holder Training Wristband

All dog breeders and owners should be training their dogs regularly, as it’s one of the foundations for raising a well-behaved, gentle dog. The DoGoodDoggy Treat Holder Training Wristband frees up your hands while keeping treats accessible. It’s got room for treats, poop bags, keys, and even money, making it a most convenient accessory while out with your dog. Whether you are training at home, in a park or on the go, the DoGoodDoggy wristband keeps your dog’s treats with you wherever you are.

DoGoodDoggy Treat Holder Training Wristband showcase

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Luxury Coral Fleece Pet Bed

At the end of the day, every pet deserves a cosy spot to rest. Our last top seller is a Luxury Coral Fleece Pet Bed crafted to provide unmatched comfort. With multiple size options for pets of all breeds, these beds help ensure that your pet enjoys a restful sleep so that they’re ready for another day of fun and activities. The importance of good sleep for pets cannot be overstated, and this one is a great pick for any pet that loves to lounge around in plush comfort. 

Luxury Coral Fleece Pet Bed showcase

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RPBA is a community for those who are serious about responsible pet breeding and ownership. By choosing to shop with us, you're not only making informed choices for your pets' care, but you're also supporting an organisation that stands firm on the principles of animal welfare and ethical breeding practices. 

We invite you to visit the RPBA store and explore these and other thoughtfully selected products. Buy carefully, raise responsibly, and you’ll have contributed meaningfully to the welfare of all pets, of all breeds.