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Look into our wide selection of dog car seats, each specially crafted to give your pet the best on-the-road experience as possible, whether you are just running a quick errand or travelling cross country. Our selection of products stand out for their:

Superior Design

These car seats for dogs were created for maximum comfort, each fitted with plush padding and equipped with enough space to fit pets of all shapes and sizes. All doggy seat covers were made to fit snugly onto your car, protecting your car’s upholstery and ensuring maximum comfort for both your pet and the car’s passengers.

Premium Materials

Our range of dog car seat and dog car seat covers use durable and high quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain. With waterproof outer layers and breathable meshes, these products were designed for wear and tear and to weather whatever adventure you and your pet decide to go on.

Safety First

All our products have safety options such as comfortable harnesses and non-slip exteriors to keep your pets secure while they are riding. You can have peace of mind that your pets will be safe throughout every succeeding journey from here on out.

Ease of Installation

All our dog seats and covers are engineered for ease of installation and are fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of car interiors. Setting up for your next journey will never be tedious again.

Washability and Durability

Having a pet is not without its messy accidents, but our car seats are designed to make cleaning up a breeze. Washable and tear resistant fabrics, all removable, allow for quick and easy cleaning if or when accidents do happen.