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Elevate Their Experience

With dog car booster seats, your pup gets a first-class ticket to the best view out of the window. No more missing out on the exciting sights or settling for a quick peek. They'll be safely perched, enjoying every moment of the journey just as much as you do.

Safety Comes First

For RPBA members, pets are like family, and their safety and well-being is a top priority also. Our dog booster seats were engineered with durable, fully adjustable straps and a strong base, allowing for a comfortable and safe journey for your pet even when the road gets bumpy and windy. You can drive with the confidence that your pooch is happy and snugly in place.

Comfort in Every Mile

Long drives? No problem. Our dog car booster seats are made with super soft cushions, giving your dog a cosy spot to nestle into while riding in the car. Its breathable material helps your pet stay cool even when it gets warm during the journey.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Life can get messy, especially with pets. We used materials that are easy to clean and maintain in all our car booster seats, ensuring that any fur, accidents or spills will be a breeze to clean.